Monday, March 2, 2009

For PEEPS sake!

All my friends know that I am a HUGE Peeps fan! Now the funny part is that I really do not like to EAT Peeps candy but I have a huge collection of Peeps items. Sunglasses, YoYo's, sidewalk chalk, Peeps bubbles, Peeps lipgloss, I even write with a plush purple peeps pen! You would be amazed how many items there are with Peeps on them! Don't get me started on the cool Peeps Tee shirts! So when I saw this new Peep bunny stamp by amuse I HAD to have it.  I have MANY plans for this little Peeps stamp but this was my first project. I like to make things for my son's class that have goodies. The stamp is a single Peep bunny and the sentiment is a seperate stamp. I stamped 3 peeps in SU pastels (Almost Amythest, So Saffron & Pretty in Pink) and added some dazzling diamonds for the "sugar". 

These little matchbook style candy holders are some of my favorites to make for the kids. They hold a fun size pack of candy such as skittles or M&M's. The card opens up just like a book of matches and has a scalloped edge which I could not get to show up in my pictures with this polka dot card stock.