Monday, March 30, 2009

Who's coming to visit?

I never felt the need to have a blog until I started stamping & doing tutorials. I actually put off setting up a blog. I thought it would be just one more thing I probably would not have time to keep up with, since I have such a busy schedule. Paper crafting had always been just a hobby I enjoyed doing for close friends and relatives. Finally, the time came for a place to post tutorials and ideas all in one place, and my blog was born. I chose to keep this blog strictly for my Stamping, sort of my own little corner of the world, free of our other businesses.

One aspect of blogging that I have found most interesting is analytics and statistics! It has been fascinating to see which projects and tutorials draw more interest and traffic. Not only am I able to see what ISP's, cities and countries visitors are from, but I am also able to see the path they take coming into and exiting my site. I love being able to see how many times a particular visitor has been back to revisit. It is very helpful seeing which places seem to generate the most traffic.

The free version of Feedjit makes it easy to see who is visiting, in real time. I especially enjoy seeing all the visitors from other countries. Sometimes I even see "friends" that seem to visit every day. Of course with Feedjit visitors have the option of removing their ISP from public view, but if you also have a statistics program every visit is available for the blog/website owners view. As fun a gadget as Feedjit is, there are many good, free statistics sites out there that make it easy to analyze your blog traffic. I am amazed at how much information they provide, from which browser, Windows version, monitor resolution, brand of computer, ISP, city, and state, if it's a mobile connection like an iPhone... and the list goes on. If you are working on getting more traffic to your blog, these gadgets can show you what areas create the most traffic so you can concentrate on them. It seems no visit is anonymous!

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