Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Cinema Day, Awards & the Last Day of school~Stamped gifts for the Teacher & kids

What a whirlwind the last week has been! We wrapped up the end of school and are officially on Summer Vacation!

I thought I would share some of the things I was busy with. Our school has "Awards Day" for all the students. All of the 1st grade classes decided to have "Cinema Day" after the Awards. The children were given a list of movies to sign up for, they got to choose which movie they wanted to see and there were 4 movies shown at the same time. Since the classes were all going to be co-mingled I could not just do cupcakes for my son's class, I did then for ALL the 1st graders. We also sent bags of popcorn for the children during the movie. I did hand colored tags on ALL the bags of popcorn I sent, I found this adorable stamp called "Night at the movies" from Lockhart stamps, then I was lucky enough to find these movie themed cupcake picks online to coordinate. I sent 90 cupcakes to school!
The middle picture is a movie gift we made for my son's teacher for Cinema day. You can't see much of the stamped items in the picture but I used the same stamp and made belly bands for some microwave popcorn packs. I added some yummy movie candies~Reese's, Pixie sticks, Red vines licorice, Dots & Good & Plenty. I also put in some of our favorite popcorn seasoning, we actually take ours to the movie theater with us for our popcorn. Kernal Seasoning's White Cheddar.
You can get a few of the flavors at Walmart. I got some Popcorn holders and the larger bucket and added some fancy shredded paper inside, it made for a great Cinema day teacher gift!
The next day the whole 1st grade had a BBQ field trip to a huge park, we had all the first grader classes playing in a creek at the same time! What a day! The kids had a great time but the parents were WORN out! Now to survive summer!

Well I am off to check out the pool! We just had a pool put in and it is being filled today! I will be back tomorrow with a new project! A card box with 6 cards & envelopes!

Have a POOL day!


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