Sunday, February 15, 2009

Bella Rose Scissor holder

I have not been able to post what I had planned for the past couple days due to the fact that I had a little "accident". I had a run in with a plexi baby gate that was just a bit to tall for me to clear completely. It wasn't pretty, and x-rays, ice, meds were involved. I can say that it was the worst pain I'vw ever had (and I have slipped discs and have had natural child birth for a 10 lb 2 oz baby)
I have a high tolerance for pain, avoid pain meds of any type, even with the nerve damage I have on my right side, this was still WORSE! I can say I never want THAT to happen again, OH yes then I broke out in hives all over my face after taking the medicine for the first time. Fun, fun.

The good news is I will live. It was not so much the broken bone in my toe but the soft tissue damage to the tendon and nerve that I hit on the top of my foot when it was flexed. The sad part is we do not have baby gates for babies but for the ferrets. I know better than for short little me to try and hop over the gate, which brings me to my second trauma this week.

Our little rescue guy "Billy McKid" (he is a ferret) now suffers from insulonoma and his blood sugar dropped so low that I found him in a coma. (he was on the other side of the gate) He is also deaf so he is not easy to revive, usually a little kayro syrup rubbed on his gums snaps him out , then followed with protein, but not this time. 45 min's and still nothing, we made it to the vet and they were able to get him back. I am happy to report that he is back to his cute little self, on new meds and I now have injections I can use if he crashed again...whew! What a week!

Wait did I mention that hubby AND kids are on "winter break" Fri & Mon. Where did my stamping time go?

OH yes the PROJECT! I hope you guys like it! I plan to have a tutorial for this one, well I was going to have it up by now...but...see above LOL

I lived overseas when I was growing up, I had an American school teacher, it was basically a one room school house for the 4-5 American children that were there, my teacher was very crafty! Only now can I appreciate how cool our projects really were considering that the supplies for them were few and far between. I mean we lived without electricity on dirt roads in a village.

When I made one of these scissor holders in elementary school we used yarn to cover it and then tied knots at the bottom to create a fringe, then we made a yarn braid for the handle and each got to pick a couple special buttons to attach with. I actually still have mine...don't laugh...we all know that we little girls go for the color and bling at that age...wait some of us still do! Mine was variegated psychedelic purple, hot , pink, green and blue yarn with black buttons that had rhinestones in the center...a whole lot going on.

I have adapted it to Stampin' Up papers! I was wanting a new "grown up" version for my studio to hang within reach of my desk. The Bella Rose papers were perfect for my Waverly wallpaper!

This is just a sneak peek! I have taken the pictures for the tutorial and will get it all together I hope tonight, so check back soon if you would like the instructions! I am thinking I will make a couple more and hang them in a row to sort out all my paper and sewing scissors.

Have a SAFE day today!


bsgstamps4fun: Barb Gault said...

First thing is to say what a clever idea of the scissors holder. Very cool and I like it!

Second, what a time you have had, hope you are on the mend. Don't we always get into trouble when we try to take the short cut doing things, I know that I do!

Take care of yourself!

LINDA said...

What an awesome idea!! I love it. Boy sounds like you've really had a ruff week. Do Take care of your self.

Shirley said...

How really cute and what a way to liven up the stamp area too!