Sunday, February 8, 2009

Our real life "Happy Hopper"

Today I thought I would share our real life "Happy Hopper"! The reason why I love the Happy Hopper stamps so much!I guess I should start by saying we have a zoo! Growing up my family has said it was just known that animals followed me home from wherever I went! They really actually did and still do.I must have an invisible sign. My husband said he is never taking me to animal kingdom.

This is our French Lop ear, house bunny named "Truffles" She is a large rabbit and lives indoors. In most ways it is the same as having a small dog. She is completely litterbox trained, she plays catch with a ball, evening throws it back to us! She hops up on the couch to watch TV with my husband, if he stops petting her she grabs his shirt with her teeth and tugs so he will start petting again. She even goes outside for walks on a leash! When she is happy she blesses us with her fancy, high jumping kung-fu kicks. In this picture she is playing tug of war, she loves playing with strings,

She has a little bell in her cage and when she wants out attention she rings it! Bunnies are so smart and learn so fast! She also has a way of letting us know when she is displeased! She will give the ground ONE HARD thump! I have learned to speak "Bunny" and if I tell her NO don't leave the room and she keeps going, I give the ground ONE HARD thump and she stops, looks back over her shoulder with "The Look" but she obeys!
House rabbits make awesome pets! If you ever consider one, look for a shelter in your area, there are many rabbit shelters! A great resource for house rabbit information is The House Rabbit Society.

Have a Great Day!


Elizabeth said...

Ahhh - how sweet. LOL about Animal Kingdom - I can see you coming back from Florida with a giraffe and a lion! :)

Christy said...

She is adorable--I love those long ears!

CoveredInCrafts said...

That's so pretty! Great job. I miss our little hopper... She is so cute!!

Susan (peebsmama) said...

Sweet photos and great layout.

Wendy said...

Awwwww, she is sooooooooo cute

Shirley said...

What a cutie! Love bunnies. Thanks for sharing!