Friday, May 15, 2009

Pulling a Rabbit out of the hat~Followers Choice~boxes, bags, 3-D, Altered projects Oh my!,

~Before I forget! I would like to thank Tip Junkie for featuring my Father's Day project! If you get a chance be sure and take a peek at their fabulous blog!

Did I ever mention I LOVE making special cakes? I love working with fondant and gumpaste. This is a cake I made for my little guy's last birthday, We hired a magician and had an all out Magic show party. Yes, the bunny is edible as are the dice, wand, stars etc. I hand sculpted him from a combination of fondant and gumpaste. I only do cakes as a hobby for friends and family but I LOVE the whole themed idea and making ALL the goodies to go along with it, be food, paper, decorations, you name it! Would you guys like to see themed party ideas or just the paper side of it like invitations, cards? I'm trying to decide if I should be posting more about the recipe and idea side to go along WITH the paper crafts I often do. This is your chance to let me know!

I thought today I would put forth a request to my readers! I have so many project ideas bouncing around in my head it really is hard to pick which one to put on the blog! I have found that lately as my families schedule gets so busy with the end of school activities , I have been blogging the things I make for challenges.
So that said, I would like to hear from YOU, my readers! What kinds of projects do you want to see, what kinds of tutorials are you looking for? Now that we are in between holidays & school is almost out, do you like to see ideas for your children's sport teams? Birthday party favors? Babies, Weddings, pool parties?

For my family & friends I tend to like to make gift ware, altered and 3-D projects. However I make cards on a daily basis.

I have had some questions from some of you and I will try to answer them here!

Yes, I DO take orders for custom announcements, invitations, party favors, wedding favors. I do also make custom themed sets for gifts. I also have a machine embroidery and sewing business so I sometimes incorporate sewing and embroidery on my cards and gift items. I have not really blogged about how to machine embroider on card stock , I was not sure if it was something there would be a lot of interest in. I know there is a lot of interest on the recipient end but I was not sure how many paper crafters also had embroidery machines and would be interested in tutorials.

Now is you chance to let me know! Just leave a COMMENT on this post and I will try to put your ideas into blog posts and tutorials. If I use your idea I will be sure to mention whose post it came from AND if you have a blog I will be happy to link to it in the post. So be sure and leave your id, email & blog info in the comment section OR feel free to EMAIL me if you do not want to post.

I will be back this afternoon to post a fabulous project I just did for my Son's Soccer team!

Have a FABULOUS day!

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